iPod Touch price drop in Aus

    Apple have dropped the price of the iPod Touch in Australia.


    4GB was $419, now $399. (diff = $20).

    16GB was $549, now $499. (diff = $50).


    There’s been a lot of contention from Touch owners about paying for something Apple would have had to spend no development time on (straight port from the iPhone). No doubt locally this will flame that fire even further.

    Take my case for example. I bought the 8GB iPod Touch back in November, I paid $419 and have a heap of use out of it, so I’m not overly upset about the $20 drop in price, however..

    If you also remember the new iPod Touch application pack is $25 for existing customers, but included free on any new Touch’s, so that makes the difference $45. Which clearly I would rather in my pocked than Apple’s.

    Let’s hope that Apple stops penalising early adopters and brings the iPhone to Australia sooner rather than later.

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    Jason Cartwright
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