iPrimus offering 200Gb for $79.95

    As more Australians adopt ADSL2+ and discover that extra speeds clearly mean you’ll be downloading more. ISP’s are finally starting to extend download caps, to more reasonable amounts.

    iPrimus are now offering ADSL2+ plans with 200Gb downloads per month, for just $79.95. There are a couple of downsides.

    • 24 month contract
    • Uploads counted
    • 40 Gb peak time

    If your comfortable with commitment to your ISP, then the 2 year contract won’t be a problem for you. Including uploads is something I strongly dissagree with, however not everyone has the need to upload, so this again may suit some customers. The 40Gb peak times simply means you’ll have to have download scheduling down, but anyone who’s looking at a 200Gb plan will no doubt have this under control.

    I’d like to see more ISP follow iPrimus’ lead when it comes to the size vs price, if they can do better that the downsides listed about, then they’ll be sure to win some customers.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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