“iRadio” is coming, Apple reaches deal with Warner Music


    This morning Apple struck a licensing deal with both Warner Music Group and its publishing arm, Warner Chappell, bringing the possibility of a WWDC launch even closer to probability.

    According to CNet sources, Warner is the first of the major labels to reach deals for both recorded music and publishing.

    Last month Apple reached a licensing deal with Universal music, and negotiations have been going back and forth between Sony about some specifics and features built into Apple’s new product.

    The deals reached apparently offer much more for the music labels and publishers compared to Pandora, the product that most closely resembles iRadio. The product, which would be tied to iTunes could contain one key feature that will be of benefit to the labels is a simple button that would let users by a song they are streaming right there from the iTunes store to keep permanently.

    Apple will be joining a very crowded streaming music field which is still looking for a  clear leader, could Apple’s service be it?

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