Visor HUD to offer augmented driving experience

    image Chinese company Iris are showing off a HUD for your vehicle at CES Asia. Could this be the next gadget for your car? While some vehicles ship with small implementations of a HUD, this goes much further. A full visor-width curved glass surface would augment your driving experience with information from your connected world. Immediately the first question is why project on to this glass screen instead of projecting on to the windshield itself? The answer is really the ability to control the experience. Essentially every vehicle has a different profile of the widscreen, this makes developing content incredibly difficult, so for now, this may be the best option for a HUD. image The suggestion is that the display would provide information like an overlay of traffic lights, speed limits and much, much more. The prototype design is also setup to alert a driver to an incoming phone call and provide options for responding. Either by voice, or by voice command to make things safe, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel while you’re behind the wheel. It’s an interesting concept that could also provide a visual illustration of the 3D understanding of the environment around you. image image For example you may be approaching a slower vehicle in front of you, instead of letting your adaptive cruise control slow you down, increasing your travel time, you may get information about changing lanes. The HUD could show that it’s safe to change lanes and even give you a trajectory on which to execute the change safely. image Currently no word on price or availability, but despite that it is an interesting take on the problem. The company’s stand actually featured the words “Google Glass” which was clearly the inspiration, but this is a vast exploration of that HUD concept.

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