JetCharge has installed almost 10,000 EV chargers in Aussie Homes and Businesses

    JET Charge was created in 2013 and since then has installed close to 10,000 electric vehicle chargers. Their team has grown over the years and is approaching triple figures, as they expand services in Australia and New Zealand.

    According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, in August 2022, 4.4% of new car sales in Australia were electric. This represents a significant growth on

    As the number of people buying electric vehicles expands, so does the need to charge them and therefore JET Charge has a pretty great business model. Playing in both the personal and commercial solution space, the company does a great job of educating potential EV owners about charging options and can help those who live in apartment buildings work through the challenges of adding EV charging infrastructure in legacy buildings.

    Over the coming years, we’ll see a business move from hybrid vehicles to pure EVs and as part of that transition, JET Charge is helping businesses with chargers for corporate vehicles.

    When it comes to chargers in the commercial world, the requirements are very different from home solutions. In the business world, you’ll want far better tracking and control over which vehicles charge and when. Having a product that can provide the necessary data via an API will enable a business to account for costs, particularly when business cases argue that EVs will offer a much lower total cost of ownership.

    The right charging solution should enable different payment methods, based on the application as well. Some may require an NFC-powered corporate card to attribute a charging session to a division of the business, while others may be more interested in the ability to manage which cars in a fleet are ready to be booked, based on the current charge level. It is exactly these kind fo challenges that JET Charge can assist with, ensuring you select the right charging product to achieve your goals.

    RACV recently had a great article on JET Charge where the CEO provided this quote.

    We’ve installed almost 10,000 electric charging stations to date, but I expect that to increase exponentially in the future

    Tim Washington co-founder and CEO of JET Charge.

    JET Charge offers the following services:

    • EV Charging cords and accessory sales
    • Home charger supply and installation
    • Small medium and large commercial installation of chargers
    • Strategy consulting for apartments, shopping centres and car parks
    • Maintenance and warranty support
    • Software and hardware development
    • Private EV charging infrastructure as a service

    For those looking at buying an EV and wondering how charging your EV at home works, please watch the video below.

     Image: Matt Harvey, Image Credit: RACV.
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