Kickstarter is coming to Australia


    Crowd funding website Kickstarter have announced they are bringing the service Australia and New Zealand. This is great news for ambitious creative types down under, that need new ways of funding innovative projects. While Aussie’s have been able to fund projects from the US site, their origin means we’re hit with international delivery charges. An Australian Kickstarter would allow Aussies to create, fund and hopefully receive products without international charges.

    Kickstarter will be Australia the next few weeks hosting Kickstarter Schools with Australia-based creators interested in Kickstarter. If you have are planning a project and want to suggest it, you can attend one of the workshops.

    The Sydney Kickstarter School is on Sunday 1st September, while Melbourne get their turn on Monday 2nd September. At these Kickstarter Schools, Kickstarter’s own Leland Rechis will help show you how to bring a Kickstarter project to life. Taking a look at some successful projects from across the site and discuss what kind of rewards work best, how to spread the word about your project, and other helpful tips.

    More info @ via Stevivor.

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