KREYOS Smartwatch passes 8x funding goal on Indiegogo


    Phones are about to change in a very big way. Almost every large name in the technology sector is reportedly working on a smart watch. This includes Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, LG and Sony have already shipped one. These watches will do far more than just tell you the time. In fact, there’s a new player who wants to stand up and be counted. On the back of the success of the Pebble watch comes the Kreyos, the only smartwatch that has voice and gesture control. It’s an Indiegogo project and with 17 days left, just passed more than 8x their funding goal of $100,000.

    Almost 7,000 backers have contributed $803,297 dollars towards the smartwatch, if you had any doubt, wearables are now big business. The Kreyos Meteor works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8 which is one of the first projects to list WP8 compatibility. In reality it sounds like the bluetooth support is really what allows them to list WP8, rather than any specific programming support.

    The success of the project probably also has a lot to do with it’s many applications. The actual watch face can be removed from the watch band and clipped to your collar, or belt, paired with it’s waterproofing, it allows for many sporting applications. Dedicated fitness bands should be very concerned about this trend as they are very likely going to be replaced by this upcoming onslaught of smartwatches that contain the same sensors to track the same data.. and plenty more.

    If you want in on the action, or just want to know more, head to Indiegogo.

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