Let your friends control the party playlist with iTunes DJ

    Ever get tired of friends complaining your party playlist that you’ve spent hours pouring over is rubbish ? Well if they have an iPod Touch or iPhone they can now use a handy new feature in v1.2 of the Remote App – iTunes DJ.

    This lets your (geeky friends) contribute to the party – a VERY cool idea. Users can view the current playlist, search your library and add new songs to the mix.

    What’d be really great if they added the ability for guests to gift you songs, so if they wanted to play one of their favorite tracks and you didn’t have it, it could be downloaded and sent to the playlist. This’d make for a very nice birthday gift at a birthday party (assuming you shared the same taste in music).

    iTunes DJ

    Fire up the Remote App on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then jump into Playlists, one of the options will be iTunes DJ.

    If you look at iTunes on your comp, you’ll notice a new item under playlists – iTunes DJ. Clicking on this reveals shows the list of songs you or guest have cued up. If you like it, right click on playlist and choose ‘Export Playlist’. You will then need to import the playlist. There really should be an easier way to do this.

    Overall a very neat new feature that’s really been underpublicized – tell your friends.

    More @ Wired

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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