LG adds spatial audio to the 360 cam with a software update

    It seems LG were holding out on us. Their 360 camera actually had another great feature built in and its just been unlocked with the latest software update. Spatial audio captures the audio of an environment from multiple microphones and that audio gets baked into the 360 video. This means when you publish the video, users can pan around the scene as if they were there, they’ll hear the audio from the direction in which it came.

    This answers one of the biggest challenges in 360 video and that is without a director choosing the camera position, audio is left to provide the cues of where to look at when. If this audio comes from someone moving around the scene and highlighting different things in the environment (like a tour guide) the experience becomes a lot more connected and easy to follow.

    Below is an example from the LG 360 cam and you can see how the audio from the fountain is effected when you pan the video.

    After you have downloaded the update, you will see a new “3D” icon in the CAM 360’s video camera settings which activates spatial sound. This means you are good to go!

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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