LG’s 2022 TV lineup (UHD, QNED, OLED): Australian price and availability

    LG Electronics Australia has unveiled their TV range for 2022 including models, pricing and availability details.

    This year, LG will expand the range of AV products now offering a massive 48 new products across displays and soundbars. There’s also a brand new TV design we’ve never seen before, the LG OBJET that leans up against a wall, rather than hanging on it or rolling into a box on the floor – more on this soon.

    Last year was the biggest year ever for LG TV sales in Australia. This was largely driven by the Covid-19 lockdowns, which drove many to consider their home entertainment options, often renovating their home theatre and many took that opportunity to upgrade their TV.

    The company has seen double-digit sales growth for 2021 and that looks to be continuing in Q1 of this year. The heroes of the range were the OLED C1 range at 55″ and 65″ sizes. This certainly aligns with what I’ve seen Aussies share in gaming-related Facebook groups.

    LG divides their TVs into 3 tiers, the Good (UHD), Better (QNED), Best (OLED). While they do offer 8K models, the focus continues to be on delivering the best 4K displays, as the lack of 8k content remains an issue.   

    General themes for 2022 improvements include migration of the flagship features coming down the line to C and A series displays. You’ll find brightness improvements, a new updated webOS 22, support for WiFi 6 and much more.

    Prices of the TVs start from A$1,079 and range right up to a massive A$59,999 for the OLED Z2. The new LG TVs all deliver improved picture quality and smart features that help Australians connect with bigger, better, brighter viewing experiences in the home.  

    For Gamers, there’s more to get excited about, with the C2 offering HDMI 2.1 supporting 4K at 120Hz, FreeSync and Gysnc compatibility. This model is also powered by LG’s new Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor.

    If you’re a gamer that embraces the future, you’ll be glad to know that you can get Nvidia’s Geforce Now game streaming service as an app on the TV. What’s really cool is that you can directly pair Bluetooth controllers from Xbox and Playstation to play directly on your TV without a gaming console. This means you can take the money you would have invested in a console and invest that into a better LG TV, then just pay the monthly subscription to stream the latest games.

    Now for this crazy new display. The LG OBJET is a TV with a brand new design. The TV lives inside a frame and leans up against the wall, in the same way, we lean oversized mirrors against the wall, but with way more features.

    The TV features two states, open and closed. In the closed state, the cover slides up to cover around 70% of the display, leaving a mini display to display the time, weather and other information.

    Owners can use the voice command “Hi LG” to wake the display and lower the cover to watch TV. If you’re wondering why the cover doesn’t completely cover the display, it’s because the fabric hides a B&O speaker system built right into the display / stand.

    It is recommended that you lean the TV on a 5 degree angle against wall, which immediately made me question the viewing angle. Typically we see TVs vertical when mounted on stands or even have negative angles when wall mounted.

    We’re led to believe that the engineers at LG have considered reflections from above like lights, but will need to see it before we know how good any anti-glare coatings work. For safety, the TV stand can be attached the wall.

    The OBJET aka ART90. will be available in 3 colours. Green, Beige and Redwood.

    The full 2022 LG OLED, QNED, NanoCell and UHD range includes: 

    Type Model RRP In-store 
    OLED Z2 OLED88Z2PSA.AAU $59,999  May 
     OLED77Z2PSA.AAU $23,999  May 
    ART90 OLED 65ART90ESQA.AAU $17,999  May 
     OLED97G2PSA.AAU $47,999  Oct 
     OLED83G2PSA.AAU $15,599  May 
    OLED G2 OLED77G2PSA.AAU $11,399  May 
     OLED65G2PSA.AAU $6,359  May 
     OLED55G2PSA.AAU $4,799  May 
     OLED83C2PSA.AAU $13,199  May 
    OLED C2 OLED77C2PSC.AAU $9,599  May 
     OLED65C2PSC.AAU $5,399  May 
     OLED55C2PSC.AAU $4,079  May 
     OLED48C2PSA.AAU $3,599  May 
     OLED42C2PSA.AAU $3,239  May 
    OLED A2 OLED65A2PSA.AAU $4,919  May 
     OLED55A2PSA.AAU $3,719  May 
     86QNED99SQB.AAU $10,799  June 
    QNED99 8K 75QNED99SQB.AAU $7,799  June 
     65QNED99SQB.AAU $5,759  June 
     86QNED91SQA.AAU $8,399  June 
    QNED91 75QNED91SQA.AAU $5,999  June 
     65QNED91SQA.AAU $4,679  June 
     86QNED85SQA.AAU $7,199  May 
    QNED85 75QNED85SQA.AAU $5,159  May 
     65QNED85SQA.AAU $3,959  May 
     55QNED85SQA.AAU $2,999  May 
     86QNED80SQA.AAU $5,999  May 
    QNED80 75QNED80SQA.AAU $4,199  May 
     65QNED80SQA.AAU $2,999  May 
     55QNED80SQA.AAU $2,399  May 
    NANO75 86NANO75SQA.AAU   
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