LG’s latest robot vacuum is also a mobile security camera

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    LG have announced their latest robot vacuum, the Roboking Turbo+Homeview which can be controlled remotely using the LG Smart ThinQ app on your mobile device. The biggest addition this year is that it now contains 3 cameras and WiFi, which lets you monitor your home through the new HomeView and protect your home, with HomeGuard functions.

    HomeView provides real-time monitoring through a camera positioned at the front of the vacuum. If you’ve ever owned a robot vacuum and then hunted the house for where it got stuck or closed a door on itself, then you’ll know just how handy this feature would be. It’s also handy if you’re say tucked away in your office and want to know how much of your house is cleaned. A quick check of the app would show you the Roboking is in the kitchen and you could understand there’s half the house to go.

    The Smart ThinQ app also allows you to check in remotely, when you’re away from home, which means you essentially have a mobile security camera patrolling your house.

    HomeGuard is a software layer on top of this connected camera that can be used to alert you to movement in your home. This means we need to start to rethink our relationship with the humble vacuum cleaner and begin to imagine it as a security device, a digital guard dog if you like. Using the HomeGuard function, the vacuum can monitor a pre-selected area of your home and send images directly to your smartphone when movement is detected. This feature is an ideal alert to let you know if someone has returned home or if you need to keep an eye on a mischievous pet.

    Of course you can always take manual control of the robot to target a specific area, using an on-screen joystick or the remote control to drive the Roboking Turbo+Homeview model around the home.

    The Roboking Turbo+HomeView (VR66803VMNP) features three separate cameras to improve the navigation ability of the vacuum and support its extra features:

    1. Upper Camera: Creates a map of the house to plan the most efficient way to vacuum, even in reduced light. The latest series boasts II-SLAM technology which automatically calculates the intensity of light while vacuuming, which helps to prevent it wandering off track in low light levels
    2. Lower Camera: Reads the pattern of the floor through the use of an optical sensor which can measure distance and even slight changes to the floor pattern or surface. This feature makes the vacuum ideal for cleaning darker areas such as under the couch or the table
    3. Front Camera: Acts as the home monitoring camera

    Scheduled Cleaning and Cleaning Diary
    The Roboking Turbo range can be set to vacuum on a recurring schedule with Scheduled Cleaning, making a spick and span floor easier to maintain for those who lead busy lifestyles. The additional Cleaning Diary on the WiFi and HomeView models lets you trace exactly where the vacuum has already covered through a playback feature viewable via a smartphone that monitors the movement route.

    Smart Designed Inverter Motor
    The Roboking Turbo+HomeView features the Smart designed Inverter MotorTM which is lightweight and compact, and is more durable thanks to its brushless motor design. The Smart designed Inverter Motor also comes with a confidence boosting 10 year parts guarantee.4

    There are four cleaning modes available and LG’s RoboNavi technology provides smart mapping to create an optimal cleaning path around your home. If you’ve seen the paths of other robots, they resemble that of a drunken sailor, rather than a strategically planned attack on dust and dirt collection. 

    The different modes suit different houses and are:

    • Cell by Cell: The sophisticated Cell by Cell option methodically cleans in individual cells. This setting is ideal for complex areas, as the vacuum ensures each cell has been completed before moving on
    • ZigZag: The ZigZag programme moves back and forth until it has covered the room. Ideal for large spaces with few obstacles
    • Spiral: The vacuum moves in a spiral shape which works best when you want to  vacuum a specific spot
    • My Space: The unique My Space programme allows you to efficiently clean an area that you have selected. For example, you can set the vacuum to clean areas that typically need vacuuming more frequently, such as near the front door or around the kitchen table.

    For those new to LG’s Roboking Turbo range, you can expect all the regular features:

    • Long-Lasting Run Time: The Roboking Turbo models offer users up to 100 minutes of run time, providing you with more time to do the things you love. This clever vacuum can also find its way back to the charging station when its battery is low to ensure it’s ready for its next cleaning job
    • Corner Master: The Corner Master feature means more thorough cleaning in the corners of the room thanks to its square shaped design and brushes that are now 1.5cm longer,  which help the vacuum to reach right into those hard to reach areas. Corner cleaning performance in our new model has improved by 89% and its cleaning efficiency has been enhanced to 94%.
    • Voice Notification: The Roboking Turbo models are programmed with more than 90 voice alerts where the vacuum will alert you to issues that require your attention.
    • Digital Bumper and Smart Exit: The Roboking Turbo’s multiple sensors recognise obstacles around and minimise collision. The sensors can also help the vacuum to understand how far ahead objects are and the Smart Exit function provides various actions to help it manoeuvre its way out in the unlikely event it gets stuck
    • Easy Out Dust Bin: The Roboking Turbo boasts a pull-up dust bin that can be easily removed from the top of the vacuum
    • Turbo Mode: The Roboking Turbo benefits from Turbo Mode, detecting when it has reached a carpeted area and increasing the performance of the brush and suction motors to enhance cleaning performance
    • Remote Controller: The majority of vacuum modes can also be accessed via a specially designed remote control

     The Roboking Turbo+ WiFi is available in Metalic Gold Finish, while the non-wifi version is available in a metallic red finish.

    The Roboking Turbo+HomeView will be available exclusively at Harvey Norman. The Roboking Turbo+WiFi and the Turbo models will be available through other major electrical retailers.

    Gold Red

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