Living online

It’s the 1st session of the 2nd day, Living Online.

Fransico from Bebo
Has worked for Yahoo
Plays clip – When in doubt… ask the BBC.
Beebo joins with iTunes to offer 5 million songs.
Video covers MySpace, Facebook and Bebo.
Slide shown of demographic for social networks, indicates Bebo huge in the UK.
Kids aren’t using email as much anymore in favour of social networks.
The got the creator of Lonelygirl15 and produced similar for a social network. currentTV
Around 10% of all Internet traffic in Aus is YouTube.
Looking for the next presenter of currentTV.
Michael Bourke – founder.
Number 2 in Australia, number 1 in NZ.

Daniel from eBay
Online shopping
62% of Australian Internet users have made an online purchase in last 12 months.
11-12 million Internet users in Australia.
For ever $11 spent in retail $1 is spent online.
5 million eBay users registered  in Australia.
3 million Australian accounts for PayPal.
Question about eBay owning PayPal, help support.

Ross Dawson –

Future car radios will be IP based.
Immersive experience
40th anniversary of the mouse, we’re still using it.
Discussion around the digital divide and broadband in Australia.


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Living online

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