Mac OSX Lion now available in Mac App Store, $A31.99

    Mac OSX Lion

    This morning while you were sleeping, Apple pushed the launch button on the latest version of their operating system Mac OSX Lion. It’s available now for download via the Mac App Store for A$31.99 inc GST. Lion weighs in at a hefty 3.49GB (big bones I’m sure), download time will vary based on your connection. On an ADSL2+ connection it came down in around an hour, Apple servers are undoubtedly getting smashed.

    Installing takes around 30 minutes. New in Mac OSX Lion heavy influences from Apple’s successes on mobile devices. Full screen apps, even more multi-touch gestures, icon driven launcher (LaunchPad) and Quick Resume. Apple list over 250 new features, but in reality a lot of them are just polish to existing Mac favourites.

    For all the details of what’s new in Max OSX Lion, head to

    Right now the only way to get Mac OSX Lion is to upgrade Snow Leopard by purchasing and downloading through the App Store, or buying a new Mac with Lion pre-installed. From August, Apple will begin offering Lion on a USB thumbdrive in-store.

    One of the more controversial changes to a default setting is the change to scrolling. This can be disabled, but scrolling by default now works like it does on the iPad. Some users have suggested after the initial adjustment period, this way feels better, however those of us that go between OSX and Win7 via BootCamp will be very confused and likely disable the change.

    More info @ Apple.

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    Jason Cartwright
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