Macworld 09 disappoints, iLife 09 detailed.

    While Phil Schiller’s Macworld 09 keynote did contain refreshes to some products, it failed to deliver any big surprises. The disappointment can easily been seen across twitter.

    If you’d like to watch the keynote in full, then you can view it here.

    There key announcements at Macworld were iLife 09, iWork 09, 17” Macbook Pro and iTunes going totally DRM-free and higher quality by the end Q1. I may do follow up posts on the other items, but here’s the news about the iLife 09.

    iLife 09
    iLife 09 iLife 09 - 2

    iPhoto 09

    – adds Face detection, Places, Facebook and Flickr integration

    – Facebook tagging works bi-directionally. You can tag people before uploading the photo and the tag is pushed to facebook when the photo is uploaded. If someone else tags a person in one of your photos, it’s then synced back to iPhoto. This could save a lot time tagging people, but what happens if someone incorrectly tags a person ?

    – Places utilizes geotag information from photos with Google Maps to display where photos where taken. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you can view the photos overlayed on the map, but rather just pins of their locations.

    – New slideshow themes, these can be synced to the iPhone through iTunes.

    iMovie 09

    – Some new editing techniques, better controls over audio.

    – Video stabilization, this reduces camera movement. The demo of this is really impressive, but no mention of how long the frame analysis takes.

    – Some new effects, easier to apply.

    – Animated Maps, these create animations around the globe, from point A to B, great for creating movies of your trips, also allows multiple way points.

    Garage Band 09

    – Learn to play (Guitar or keyboards) – teaches you how to play an instrument. 9 lessons on each for free, additional lessons (Artist Lessons) will cost US$4.99.

    New versions of iWeb and iDVD which weren’t covered in today’s keynote.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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