Massive 416GB SSD – bring it on

    Currently the high end of SSD’s have been at 64GB, that’s all set to change. Simply amazing that the jump could be this dramatic. BiTMICRO claim to have the largest 2.5″ SSD, weighing in at a massive 416GB of Flash.


    After the initial shock of reading this subsided, all I can say is, get it 2 my laptop now!

    Of course initially it’s targeted towards those that really need it, i.e. people in the field using rugged laptops, where normal platter-based drives would be easily damaged. And of course they’ll be hideously expensive, but with mass production the price should drop.

    There would definitely be a market for this, and it seem the only reason people aren’t moving 2 SSD sooner is because they were limited to 64GB. Given that 416GB is more than enough for most users, I think BiTMICRO are on a winner here.

    Now if only we don’t run out of flash… hmmm.

    More @

    BiTMICRO Press Release

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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