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techAU is one of Australia's largest independent technology sites for news domestically and from around the world. The content range of areas including gaming, hardware, software, web, social networks, gadgets, phones, and a whole bunch more. techAU gives voice to those companies, startups, ideas and products that push the needle forward, that make a difference and these can come from any industry.

Wherever possible, content is written by people who use the products and services discussed, some sites rely on re-hashing press releases, techAU is far from that. Having hands-on experience enables for a much more comprehensive detailing of the features and downfalls of product or services. Also using something over an extended period of time can often lead to a different opinion than using it for a day or two.

History Located in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, techAU began in March 2007. Initially the website was very simple, providing a download location for the podcast. An evolution of techAU in July seen a site redesign to include a blog, as well as a feeds page. Since then the site has grown to cover all aspects of technology with a strong consumer focus.

In 2011 techAU opened up to additional writers and contributions were invaluable, providing readers with even more great content.


Each and every week, techAU delivers high quality articles about the technology industry. Key focus areas are AR/VR, Events, Gaming, Hardware, Reviews, Social, Technologies and Vehicles.

Tech news

Multiple blog posts per day, covering the developments of the technology industry in Australia and around the world. 


Detailed product reviews including phones, laptops, games and even cars is a key part of the site.

Event coverage

Travelling interstate and internationally for technology and automotive events. 

Social Media

Verified on Twitter with more than 13,000 followers, social media is a key component of engaging with the community, while helping to drive traffic to the site. 

Web Development

The site launched in 2006 by establishing the WordPress in a single weekend. Since then the site has gone through a number of redevelopments to stay current with web trends and to respond to everchanging reader requests. 

App development

As an ASP.Net / C# / XAML developer, I've built applications on the Windows and Windows Phone platforms for both techAU and other clients. 


Logos - We’ve put together a collection of Media Assets working with techAU. It contains product logos, usage guidelines and advertising options.

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"Delivering the best of technology news from Australia and around the globe since 2006."


At techAU, we work hard publishing high-quality content, often to constantly serve our audience. These posts engage audiences with relevant, timely, informative content. If you're looking for a smart, educated audience to put your brand in front of, look no further.

Stop wasting your money on traditional advertising, instead let techAU work with your brand to activate brand and product promotions.

We offer a number of options for advertising on techAU and allowing you to select the one that fits your budget and campaign goals. What you should know from the outset, is that we value our readers more than anything, so we are selective about the advertisements we expect. If your technology-related, then we'll work with you on a win-win outcome that benefits both your brand, while informing and educating our audience. Read more


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Over the years a number of contributors have written articles for the site. More than 3,880 articles have been posted by site creator, Jason Cartwright.



Creator of techAU, Jason has spent more than a dozen years writing over 3,500 articles.



Harry is on of the site's best contributors, writing 150+ posts for techAU



Daniel wrote 40 posts for the site as a guest contributor.



Creative Bryce Wilson has written 33 posts for techAU 



Writing 24 articles, Nick Ayre's contributions have been invaluable.



Contributions to date have been 6 great posts by Jenna. 


You can see some samples of our best work at the links below.


If you'd like to work with techAU, please get in contact. We ensure partners / sponsorship deals align closely with the expectations of our audience.