Megapixels. Mega Problem?


    HTC’s recently announced android superphone, the HTC One, packed some pretty impressive specs. The latest Snapdragon 1.7ghz quad core processor, a 2300mah battery, 1080p 4.7 inch screen, 2GB of ram, a redesigned sense interface and a… 4mp camera. Yes, a FOUR mega pixel camera, or ultra pixel camera as HTC is calling it. With pixel technology which claims to achieve 300% more light than other cameras and optical image stablisation, much the same as the Lumia 920.

    While the number of megapixels don’t necessarily count too much, having only 4 of them in this flagship device could be quite a problem. Even if the quality of photo produced by the camera is quite very good, the problem arrives when your average consumer lines up their devices. They play with a few phones like the iPhone 5, the Sony Xperia Z, the Lumia 920 and the HTC One – all these devices are pretty evenly matched, so they need something to make them stand out. One of the first things consumers will notice is that the HTC has a 4mp camera, not a 13 like the Sony or an 8.7 like the Nokia.

    HTC is really taking a gamble with this technique, especially seeing the market share they lost in 2012 to Samsung. While their technology might be quite good, I hope their marketing is too so they can educate consumers about megapixels and what really matters in a camera, and who knows that marketing could very well end the megapixel war once and for all.

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