Merry Christmas to you


    Merry Christmas you amazing people! Thanks for reading techAU throughout the year, recommending to friends and always coming back for more. It’s been another exciting year with international trips to Computex and BUILD, as well as many inter-state events around Australia. Add to that the latest in industry developments like acquisitions and latest product releases, then layer on some massive reviews and you can see 2013 was a big one.

    This year we went through a major redesign of the site which has proven very successful with a nice increase in traffic. After experiencing issues with hosts, the site was moved to be hosted on Azure and also a new domain provider. There’s a lot that went well since last Christmas.

    The most important thing is you the readers who engage and give feedback and demand reviews, without you guys and girls, the site would be nothing. So with that, I say thankyou and especially thankyou to all those who have contributed and the business I’ve worked with to deliver the latest in technology to the world.

    Merry Christmas!

    This post is authored by techAU staffers. Used rarely and sparingly when the source decided to keep their identity secret, or a guest author who isn't seeking credit.

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