Microsoft confirms next version of Windows due in 2010

     Windows 7

    After months, even years of speculation about the release date of the next version of Windows, Microsoft have confirmed we won’t see the release of Windows 7 (codename) until 2010.

    It’s great to finally have this confirmed to allow business and personal users to accurately plan to their Windows upgrade path for the future. Some people have been holding off on upgrading from XP to Vista, with the hope they’d skip Vista and head straight to Windows 7.

    So the problem with that path is that means they’ll be using an OS which was released in October 2001. Personally, I’d do the testing required to find out what are the roadblocks (both hardware and software), that prevent you moving to Vista. Then work on eliminating those points one-by-one and setup a roadmap for upgrading to Vista.

    I’m sure there will still be those that hold out for the 2010 release, however we still have the mindset of holding off upgrades until the OS is around a year old, the first service pack arrives and all the kinks have been worked out.

    We’re living in a different environment now, updates are delivered via Windows Update and are released as needed, Service Packs are now essentially a roll-up of all the updates.

    More info @ Engadget

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