Microsoft has handed data over to the Aussie government


    After spending most of this year under the pump in America over supplying mass amounts of its users data to the American government, a new report has revealed that over 1000 Australian users have also had their data handed over to the Australian government by Microsoft.

    Between January and June of this year, Australian government authorities have requested for data 1219 times with Microsoft handing over the information over 85 percent of the time.

    Microsoft has handed over names, email addresses, locations and IP addresses to authorities but no content such as emails or documents.

    Microsoft has said that most of these request were due to criminal activity, but some also related to potential suicidal behavior.

    “We place a premium on respecting and protecting the privacy of our users,”

    “At the same time, Microsoft recognises that law enforcement plays a critically important role in keeping our users and our technology safe and free from abuse or exploitation.”

    This is the second time that Microsoft has released a report on government data requests, with the first one revealing that authorities had been handed data over 2000 times.

    How do you feel about this? Do you feel that Microsoft should be handing this data over?

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