Microsoft patent details pressure-sensitive controller

    It goes without saying that rumours regarding Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Console have been numerous — to say the least. However, a recent patent filed by the tech-heavyweight may suggest that the “NextBox” will utilise pressure-sensitive controllers. In a nutshell, this means that a controller will identify a user based on a “hand pressure signature”, which will then allow the console to deliver content related to that said user’s gamer profile. At the end of the day, nothing official has been announced, but with E3 just a few short weeks away we should certainly keep our eyes and ears open.

    To view information relating to Patent 8,172,675 in much more detail, follow this link.

    How would you like to see Microsoft deploy a pressure-sensitive controller when launching the next-generation Xbox? Can you see this as being something you would use? Please leave a comment below.


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