Microsoft's $44.6 Billion bid, declined by Yahoo!

    Yahoo says no to Microsoft

    News just in today that Microsoft’s massive US$44.6 Billion bid, just isn’t enough for Yahoo. They’ve chosen to decline the bid from the Software giant, saying that $31 per share is undervaluing the company. Here’s some news for you Yahoo, despite the number you have in your head of what the company is worth, recent declines meant that $31 per share was around 60% more than what your worth.

    Reportedly, Yahoo believe they’re worth as much as $40 per share, a value they haven’t seen since 2005. Maybe this is simply in hope that Microsoft will borrow even more to swallow up Yahoo, but with this announcement it seems clear, Yahoo simply does not want to be bought by Microsoft.

    Personally I think Microsoft should never have made the offer in the first place. Another strategy would have been to hire some good new talent, after all we are talking Billions here. Take that new fresh innovative talent, throw it into your labs, and actually produce really good new products. Something like Surface or Photosynth, just actually deliver it this time.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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