Minority Report previewed Google Glass

    Google Glass in Minority Report

    Futuristic movies are often sources for real life motivations and product developments. While those science fiction writers are creatives that think far ahead of what’s technologically possible at the time, others look at those ideas and think about practical ways to create it now.

    Like most people I watched Minority Report when it was released back in 2002 and had largely forgotten it, but had fond memories. Well tonight the movie was airing on ONE and I noticed something that looks awfully familiar. The head-mounted glowing eye piece.

    In the shot above the display is in the passive mode, rotated 90 degrees from the wearing position. A quick twist and that display would be in front of your eye delivering contextual information. There’s no doubt this formed the building blocks for the one of today’s most hyped products, Google Glass.

    It may have taken 13 years to arrive, but Google Glass will ship this year.

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