NBN passes 3 million activation milestone

    Australia’s National Broadband is powering along and has now surpassed another milestone of 3 million premises, 3,024,650 to be exact, are now activated. The data comes from the latest update to the Weekly Progress Report and shows 6,507,756 premesis that are ready for service.

    That number of activations represents 46% uptake which still needs work, but does demonstrate the project is powering along. A total of 79,229 additional lots/premises were passed/covered by the network during the week. This included an increase of 75,236 in Brownfield areas, an increase of 2,967 in New Development areas and an increase of 1,026 premises in fixed wireless and satellite areas.

    Its tempting to say NBN now has 3 million customers, but that’s not actually accurate. The NBN activations include both residential and commercial connections, of which many would be done by the same company. While NBN don’t regularly publish revenue and profit numbers, this is certainly positive to have 3 million accounts providing income as the project construction expenses continues to rise as the rollout gains speed. We’re a long way from profitability, but the conversation needs to turn to promoting the benefits of being on the NBN so more of the 46% adoption figure rises.

    During the week an additional 37,880 premises had services activated on the network, including 36,363 on fixed line services and 1,517 using satellite and fixed wireless technologies.

    Total NBN activations are made up of a mix of technologies:

    • Browfields – 2,464,805 – FTTN/FTTdp
    • Greenfields – 277,816 – FTTP
    • Satellite – 79,933
    • Wireless – 202,096

    This data is accurate as of the Thursday 12 October 2017.

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