NSW L Platers can now use digital log books via 3 endorsed apps

    Learner drivers in NSW can now choose from 3 digital log books apps to track their required driving hours. The NSW Roads & Maratime agency has announced they are officially recognising, you hate paper. Young people learning to drive in NSW are required to log 120 hours of driving before attempting their test for their probationary licence (or P plates).

    If you’re an L Plater right now, grab yourself a phone mount if you don’t already have one, and simply launch the app before going for a drive with your parent in the passenger seat. The apps tracks your driving hours, and lets you know when you’ve completed your 120 hours and will ensure you have completed all 20 learning goals. You’ll then be able to submit your hours through the app. You’ll need to do this at least 48 hours before your driving test. Once your hours have been submitted electronically, you won’t need to show the testing officer any proof that you’ve completed your 120 hours.

    The 3 apps endorsed are L2P, Licence Ready and Roundtrip, any other apps are not official, and won’t be accepted as evidence of your 120 hours of driving experience when you go for your driving test.


    L2P app is a digital logbook designed for the latest generation of learner drivers. Its intuitive user interface features a countdown to motivate learners, real time tracking and recording of driving sessions plus an online educational platform with video clips for demonstrations.

    L2P is more than a learner logbook – supervisors and professional instructors can use it to structure lessons, record achievements and verify driving sessions. L2P gets you there one hour closer.

    Licence Ready

    With digital driving instruction, personalised training and NSW log book, this is the go-to app for learner drivers. Download across devices and utilise with multiple supervisors for flexible learning.


    Roundtrip is an app for NSW Learner Drivers that makes it super easy to record supervised driving practice. Tap the record button, enter your odometer and you’re off!

    You can close the app, put it somewhere safe and then while you’re driving Roundtrip will track your time, start and end location, weather and more, so you focus on learning to drive.

    You can use Roundtrip to view and unlock learning goals, see your total practice times and when you’re ready you can submit your practice to Roads and Maritime Services as an official record. No more paper logbook needed!

    This is definitely a smart move by NSW and a reflection that modern learner drivers don’t want to the hassle of managing a paper log book. Personally my life is electronic and finding a pen is often a struggle. Its 2017 and actually long overdue, lets hope other states and territories follow suit quickly.

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