Oculus Quest supports ‘arena scale’, we’re going to need bigger homes

    As Oculus detailed more about their new hardware, the Oculus Quest, one of the more interesting inclusions is ‘beyond room’ scale tracking. This means the headset supports ‘arena-scale’ tracking, allowing you to use spaces the size of tennis courts as VR spaces. 

    The guardian system that maps the environment you’re playing in, now supports multi-rooms. This means when it scans the spaces you use VR in, it’ll remember them, this extends to multiple locations, so if you take your Oculus Quest to a friend’s house, it’ll remember their spaces too. 

    This will speed up the use of VR, however if you change your furniture around, you may need to-rescan the space. 

    Oculus hasn’t detailed just how many spaces can be stored in the headset, but I suspect most people only have a couple of potential spaces in their homes to use VR. 

    While the technical details on the hardware of Quest are still vague, Oculus did detail how the tracking works. It sees the world (every millisecond) in the form of an advanced point cloud and constantly tracks your head (including the direction you’re facing) in that space. 

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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