Our first look inside the Cyberlandr prototype

    When Tesla announced the Cybertruck, accessory manufacturers sprung into action with a large opportunity to transform the base truck into something much more. One of the most popular Cybertruck accessories is the Cyberlandr.

    With the Cybertruck due to go into production in 2023, Cyberlandr are busy building their prototype in readiness to offer what is likely the largest accessory for the vehicle.

    Cyberlandr is an expandable camper that fits in the bed of the Cybertruck and when you reach your destination, will expand to be tall enough to comfortably stand in, offer 2 beds, a kitchen, bathroom, shower and more.

    Since rising to popularity online after the initial announcement, we hadn’t seen much more than 3D renders of how the system would function, but in a new YouTube video from the popular Dr Know-it-all Knows it all, we get to see the prototype as it stands today.

    While there are certainly some obvious signs this is a prototype, like tape hanging around, some paint finished being less than perfect, as a whole, the video demonstrates this thing is real and they will be making it.

    Externally we see the expandable body in its 4 segments, supporting two rows of windows that enable you to have a great view of the outside world from both a seated and standing position.

    The kitchen area offers a nice benchtop, complete with a multi-function sink, although the demonstration of the sink’s tap and water system was displayed external to the Cyberlandr. We do see the kitchen cupboards feature soft-close and no handles, a nice modern touch, along with a generous mobile fridge with included freezer section.

    Integrated into the kitchen bench is an induction cooktop surface that’ll boil water in under 2 minutes and be cool to the touch once you lift off a pan or pot.

    We also see a demonstration of the showerhead, which offers a powerful stream of water, something often not available when camping, however, this is also not yet integrated into the prototype.

    In terms of the accommodation portion of Cyberlandr, we really only seen an early version of the seat, outside the prototype. This converts into a bed at night, when you’re done using your kitchen. It seems there’s more work to do in this area.

    From the main living area, there’s a small hallway to the bathroom area and while we don’t see it, we hear that the toilet system could be removed while you’re having a shower.

    The toilet system will be a dry-flush toilet. This features a long bag and every time you flush it, it twist the bag, ties it off and a new bag is ready for the next use. This sounds like a nice solution to probably the worst part about camping. There has been testing of this system for over 9 months and there’s still no odour from the samples – impressive.

    There’s a lot more to go on this, project, like finishing the prototype and then setting up production to make these at scale in the coming years. I was disappointed that we didn’t see a demonstration of the Cyberlandr expanding and contracting its sections.

    The speed and volume at which this occurs feels to me like something potential buyers would want to know before making the buying decision.

    Does it have sensors to detect if you left something out on the bench or a safety mechanism to detect any humans inside, so they could never be squashed accidentally? I’m sure that will come in time, but for now, you can watch the exclusive interview, of the Cyberlandr factory with Lance King, co-founder of Cyberlandr below.

    The Cyberlandr costs US$49,995.

    This project has over 2,500 reservations, more than $100M in pre-orders, and with a $400M valuation will open up to investors in 11 days.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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