Parrot RNB6 is a double-din Android 5.0 head unit


    The company that is known for creating drones, Parrot, is diversifying in a big way. They’re now building a double-din sized head unit with a 7” multi-touch display. Known as RNB6, sexy name right.. which runs an infotainment system based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. The system supports Google Android Auto as well as competing platform Apple CarPlay, so regardless of which phone you introduce to the vehicle, it’ll be supported.

    Both of these platforms have struggled for aftermarket solutions, while integration into new vehicles is smart, we don’t buy new cars every week, but if your car supports it, an upgrade of the head unit is definitely on the table. If you don’t hate your stock car stereo, you should, they’re almost always a low-cost, budget CD player.


    The Parrot RNB6 aims to give drivers access to content and functionality for safer, more connected driving. For example there’s an integrated navigation system, driving assistance services and hands-free phone calls, as well as voice control of your apps, music and radio stations.

    The RNB6 from Parrot features a wide variety of input sources, including iPhone/iPad, USB, HDMI, and even Ethernet. This system is far more than your regular head unit though, it can integrate with vehicle sensors and on-board diagnostics via the OBD2 port and surface air conditioning, tire pressure, parking sensors and maintenance alerts. Included with the RNB6 is a dashcam to automatically film and record and accidents you may have.


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