Poll: How do you feel about electric cars?


    The EV car market is exploding with competition. Virtually every car manufacturer that doesn’t already have an EV on the market is working on one. Sold as the solution to our petroleum addiction, Electric vehicles are here to counted and are likely to revolutionize an industry.

    A fully electric vehicle has far fewer parts, meaning servicing is reduced and reliability is increased, there’s instant torque and a smooth power curve. EVs are recharging faster than ever before, battery technology is making them go further and last longer but they are still heavy.

    So this week’s poll is asking you how you feel about them? Is range anxiety still and issue, or is the price keeping you away? Personally I believe my next vehicle will be an EV, but the right configuration has not yet arrived in Australia.


    Last week’s poll result
    Last week  we asked readers Which next gen console are you actually buying? Turns out the we have plenty of PlayStation / Sony fans, 58% of voters say they’ll be laying down the cash to get the PS4. A surprisingly low 32% of people said they were definitely getting an Xbox One and 10% of people have far to much money. Saying screw it to the console wars, they’re getting both.  Total voters: 104.

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