Qik now available for 3GS, only supports Wifi.. for now!

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    Update: Jackie Danicki, Marketing director of Qik, says there’s already an update to the Qik app submitted to Apple that would enable live streaming over 3G. That’s great news, Apple better let this one through or the tag #AppleFAIL will become very popular.

    The smash hit video streaming mobile application Qik has had an ongoing battle with Apple and the App Store for approval.

    I have in the past jailbroken my iPhone 3G with the sole aim of using Qik. I love the application, big props to the guys who made it.

    One of the benefits of the original version is that it worked on iPhone 3G and could stream over 3G or even 2G (although not exactly watchable). Unfortunately Qik had to dissable live streaming over the cell network to have it approved in the App Store.

    You can however still record your video anywhere and upload it once you get back to a Wifi connection. There’s already a tone of apps that do this and allow you to post to twitter, facebook or youtube.

    The strength of Qik was its ability to stream live from anywhere. Also it’s only available to iPhone 3GS users.

    Anyways, check it out [iTunes link].

    More @ Gizmodo

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