Reckless Racing Ultimate is a modern day Micro Machines


    There’s plenty of driving games to fill in your weekend with, but a new one you should take a look at is Reckless Racing. It’s a new take on the old-school top-down driving games. Don’t go into this one expecting a Forza on your desktop experience, but for a lot of fun it’s a really well executed game.

    Available from the Windows 8 store, the game costs A$9.99, but I’d suggest using the Try button first to get your feet wet. If you like it, then you can pull the trigger to get the full game. When you fire up this game, you can sign in with your Xbox ID and achievements earned will add to your Gamerscore. Another nice feature is that it supports not only touch, mouse/keyboard, but also USB Xbox controllers.

    The Reckless Racing car models and environments are really impressive. Your modded cars and trucks generate tyre marks, smoke and spark effects as you drift around the multi-surface circuits. While it’s not cheap, it is a substantial title with 24 vehicles, 20 career cups, 50 arcade cups and basically just a fun game to drive.

    This game is a welcome addition to the growing list of games available on Windows 8, which currently sites at 1,058 in the Australian Store.


    More information available at Pixelbite.

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