Red Bull Racing add #RBWall to the garage for the Melbourne F1 GP


    Social Media has impacted a lot of industries, but this weekend’s Melbourne Formula 1 is showing sport is changing dramatically. Social Media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are being used to fundamentally change the relationship between teams, drivers and fans. This weekend, Red Bull Racing are introducing a Red Bull Social Wall. In an effort to connect fans directly with the team and drivers, Red Bull will display your tweets to the team, right in the garage, one of the most sacred locations during the race weekend.

    Starting right here at the first race of the season in Melbourne, Red Bull will displaying a selection of your Tweets, Facebook comments and Instagram posts in the Albert Park garage. This race is important for a couple of reasons, first it’s the start of the 2015 season, so there’s new cars, drivers and regulations, but also because our man Daniel Ricciardo now has the number one driving seat at RBR after Sebastian Vettel’s move to Ferrari. To show your support for Daniel and Daniil in the leadup to and during the first race of the season, make sure you include the hashtag #RBWall and either #DR3 for Ricciardo or #DK26 for Kvyat. Not required to make it on the wall, but generally a good idea is to include #AusGP as well.


    Red Bull Racing have traditionally been one of the best teams on pit lane in terms of their use of social media and keeping fans up to date through their blog and podcasts. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the post-race analysis I highly recommend it, even if you watched the race, there’s often amazing insights into the thinking behind decisions, or things that happened in the garage that weren’t shown on TV.

    Want to see your face in our garage? Get your messages in now and support the boys ahead of Saturday’s qualifying session. Just in case you thought you’d show your topless support, any messages containing any kind of nudity, profanity or racism will be blocked, so keep that in mind.

    Of course not everyone could make it to the track and even if you do, you may not get to pit lane, so Red Bull Racing have also made the wall available online. Visit the Social Wall at

    Naturally most drivers have Twitter accounts and posted ahead of this weekend was a grid of F1 drivers, positioned by their number of followers. Daniel Ricciardo (@daniel_ricciardo) comes in at 8th and currently has 476,000 followers. Our Aussie certainly has some ways to go to catch top dog, Lewis Hamilton (@Lewis Hamilton) with 2.65 Million followers, closely followed by Fernando Alonso (@alo_official) with 2.23 Million.

    More information at Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

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