Resident Evil 5 shooting system completely broken


    Whilst the graphics in Resident Evil 5 are pretty impressive and some of the teamwork is interesting, this game contains a fundamentally flawed and absolutely broken shooting system.

    Why the hell can’t you move and shoot at the same time ? This strafing is something we’ve been accustombed to since shooters began.


    Resident Evil 5 developers apparently decided they had a better idea and while zombie’s are surrounding you, your forced to pull the left trigger to begin aiming, then rotate the right stick to aim, then the right trigger to shoot.

    Where this gets really broken is when the action gets fast, zombies coming from all directions. While ure taking out the ones in front of you, then your attacked and often killed from behind.

    Even speeding up your aiming in the settings doesn’t help.

    I was really excited about Resident Evil 5, expecting it to be one of the best titles of 09. After playing the demo, I doubt I’ll be buying it now.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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