Review: Audio 470 USB Headset from Plantronics

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    The .Audio 470 USB headset from Plantronics offers a number of great range of features.

    – The foldable design is great for storage and portability, if you’ve ever thrown a pair of headphones in your bag before, they can easily get damaged, when folded they’re far better protected. You’ll even be able to throw these in your pocket, assuming your clothing offers generous pocket sizes.

    – The optional USB adapter allows the headphones and mic plugs to be converted to a quick, easy USB connection. In my testing, I tried both scenarios, with and without the adapter, audio quality didn’t change, so for the convenience of 1 connection rather than 2, I’d recommend using the USB adapter.

    – During my time with the headset I used it to chat with friends through Windows Live Messenger, the response from friends was very positive, one even saying “It sounds like your in the same room”. The microphone doesn’t disappoint when recording audio either. I was really happy with the audio recorded from the headset, it looks like Plantronics has used a good quality microphone, while still keeping the cost affordable.

    – For just $79.00, this headset offers great value for money. If your in the market for a new headset, you should definitely consider this.

    Wrap up
    I’ve used a number of headsets in the $20-$30 range, my advice, spend the extra money to get the extra quality, your ears and those that your speaking 2 will thank you later.

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