Review: Dell 27” Monitor – 2709W

    Dell Ultrasharp 2709WFP At a Glance

    The video review is coming soon, until then.. here’s the text version.

    The new 27” monitor from Dell holds the model number – 2709W. Not only does the new model come with many improvements, but a price drop as well.

    The Good
    Size – The massive 27 inches allows you to clearly see the display at a distance, which leaves you with plenty of available desk space.

    Dual stack – I’ve experienced a number of multi-monitor setups, one of my biggest annoyances with the screens is they never sit next to each other well. Almost always creating a large gap between them.

    Display – Bright, vibrant colours, no problems or glitches when gaming on them.

    Inputs – This screen offers an wide range of inputs, allowing for connectivity to almost any device. HDMI, DVI x2, VGA, Component, and the new Display Port. Whilst Display Port is still very new in the PC industry, in fact you could probably count the number of graphics cards that support display port on one hand. Monitors last for many years, and within 3-5 years I’m sure Display Port will be common place.

    A nice touch is the Preset Mode (Brightness / Contrast), is input dependant. This means if your running you PC through say DVI, you’d probably have it set to ‘Multimedia mode’, if you switch to a console on HDMI or component, and you have it set to ‘Game’, the screen switches automatically to the Preset Mode selected for that input.

    The Bad
    Touch sensitive buttons
    – while they look slick, they lack the responsiveness of standard buttons. This makes navigating the OSD a clumsy experience.

    Changing inputs – It takes too many steps to switch inputs. While the menu allows you to customise the ‘shortcuts’, these should be available with one touch, similar to that of the input selectors found on the 24” model.

    Price – unfortunately the best price point for monitors right now is still that 22-24” range. This will no doubt change in the future, we’ve already see a move in the right direction with a price drop (A $1199), in this model compared to it’s predecessor (A $1699)

    The Breakdown
    Overall if your in the market for a large monitor, you can’t go wrong with the Dell 2709W. It offers great value for money. I would have liked to see it share the higher resolution available in the 30” model.

    Dell does include a number of cables with the display – USB, DVI to HDMI and Display Port.

    If your someone who works across multiple applications and your budget can stretch, I highly recommend a setup that includes 2 x 2709W monitors, just make sure you have a desk big enough.

    More @ Dell.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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