Review: DXRacer Gaming Chair

    When you’re a gamer, you’re chair can often be the limiting factor in how long you can game for. Often you invest heavily in a great set of headphones so you can be comfortable, but often people cheap out of a chair and that means you’ll likely end up with back and neck pain.

    DXRacer offers a wide range of gaming chairs and they feel like they’re made by gamer’s who understand the comfort required for long sessions, while also providing the adjust-ability necessary to meet he needs of a wide range of body sizes and shapes.

    After spending a couple of weeks behind the keyboard on a racing-style DXRacer, it’s time to break it down and let you know if it should be your next chair.


    Curves in all the right places

    Office chairs come in a variety of designs, the traditional padded leather works great for meeting rooms and feel great when sitting on them for an hour or two. The reason most modern offices aren’t full of them, that’s because they’re not great ergonomically. If you spend 6+ hours a day on a chair, you want it to fit like a glove, to be cool when you use it (usually mesh), and feature reliable wheels.

    When it comes to your home office, you want a chair that meets many of those same criteria you get during your 9-5. Gaming chairs bounce of the comfort offered from the racing seats in your car. While sliding along your desk won’t provide the same geforces as taking a round about at 60km/hrs, it makes lots of sense to take the bones of a racing seat like a Recaro or Sparco and bolt on a 5-start of office wheels on the bottom of it.


    Stand out features of this display.

    Firstly the height of the chair is fantastic, designed to accommodate a taller person like myself at 6’3, the high backrest means you’re whole back is supported, not just the lower half. While there’s no fancy 4-way electronic lumbar adjustment like the latest cars, the lumber support built into the DXRacer fits me perfectly.

    The level of adjustment is exactly what you want to make it comfortable for you and to perfectly match the ergonomics of your desk. The arm-rests are 4-way adjustable. That means you can pull the trigger on the outside and adjust the height and the range of adjustment here is fantastic, you can lower them to fit under your desk, or raise them to fit over your desk, perfect if office space is limited when the chair is not in use.

    You can push a button inside to adjust or close or far the armrests are from you, enabling you to rest your elbows closer or further away depending on your preferences. Next is the other button on the inside, but this one’s at the front. Press this to slide the arm rest back or forward, these control how close to your body, closer to the keyboard your elbows are. The last of the 4 adjustments is a simple twist which enable you to angle the arm-resets in three different positions – straight ahead worked best for me.

    Moving to the base, the chair’s height adjustment is controlled by the lever on the right. Just pull it up to adjust the height (it’ll lower with your weight on it, or stand and the chair will raise). The chair has a healthy range of motion in the vertical, although it isn’t the highest I’ve used. The lever on the left releases the base so you can lean back, I assume for a casual gaming experience with a controller.

    Finally there’s a level on the right of the backrest. Pull this upwards and lean back to adjust the backrest angle (note: this doesn’t change the base angle like the last lever). This is where you really dial in the right angle, personally I like a more upright seating position, but some who like a more relaxed feel can certainly recline. The maximum backrest angle is actually kind of crazy, so far I can only imagine its useful for those with roof-mounted TVs to watch Netflix.

    The DXRacer comes with 2 pillows, one I use and one I don’t. The top is fairly common with these racing-style gaming chairs. It gets strapped over the headrest, to bring a soft, pillow-like experience fro your head, which supported your neck, making sure you are good for a serious gaming session online with your mates.

    The second is a lumber-support pillow that I found uncomfortable to use, so I ditched it.

    The final design element to talk about is the hole in the backrest. Often this is 2 holes, which really reflects the car version of racing buckets. The difference with the seats in the car is that it plays a functional role. Should you decide to upgrade to a 5-point racing harness at take your car to the track, these holes allow you to feed the belts through. In the office, you’re just never going to do this.

    I’m someone who has a couple of racing sims with racing belts on and this works well as strapping into a simulator helps trick your brain into thinking you’re really behind the wheel of a fast car. In the office, we’re not really fighting for this illusion, so it’s really just ticking a box of racing-style seats, but could definitely be skipped.

    My single complaint with the DXRacer gaming chair is it’s lack of imagination when it comes to the wheels. They’re just functional, but have very little if any design work put into them. They’re five, very forgettable black wheels that is really a missed opportunity to do something interesting with. While they’ll never be the first design attribute you’ll notice, they are on display, visible from all sides, they could assist the design.

    I think even an effort to extend the black/white colour scheme of the chair’s body, down to the wheels would help them feel like a thoughtful inclusion, instead they feel like an afterthought.


    How much and when can you get one ?

    The DXRacer racing-style gaming chair will cost you more than an office-works special, but if you care about your body, or how your battlestation setup looks on Instagram, you’ll do yourself a favour and consider a DXRacer.

    The DXRacer OH/IS11 model reviewed costs A$499.00 and is available now from and comes in 4 different coloured accents – blue, red, green and white.


    Final thoughts

    Over the years, my home office has featured a number of office chairs and hundreds of dollars has been spent finding the right one. Like many of you, I spend far too many hours per week in front of a computer, given that’s often doing things I love (like writing reviews and gaming), I just want to be comfortable.

    The DXRacer gaming chair is comfortable for me personally. Will it be comfortable for everyone? Maybe not, but given it’s significant adjust-ability in base, backrest, armrests etc, it’s like you can tweak it to be right for your body size and shape.

    I do find this chair is a little wider than I’d absolutely love, but that does mean if you’re on the larger size, then you should fit, while you’d struggle in other alternatives.

    I love the black/white theme of the review unit, but this chair is available in a range of colour combinations to fit your personal preference or LEDs.

    If you’re looking for new chair then I definitely recommend you take a look at the DXRacer

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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