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    Ever tried using your phone in cold environments like at the snow? I have and the process isn’t fun. Snow gear is typically big and bulky to protect you from the elements and not designed to interact with the slate of glass in your pocket. The process usually goes something like this.. remove gloves, use your phone and replace gloves before your hands freeze in sub-zero temperatures.

    Singapore-based startup FIETT-Fun In Ecological Tech Textile have created ISGLOVES that enable you to operate your touchscreen mobile device without removing your gloves. Touches from normal gloves won’t register with touchscreens, but these are made from a special material that does conduct the touch which registers on the screen.

    We may be headed out of the coldest months of the year, but the need remains. If you’re the kind of person that plans ahead, you may want to consider these for next year. A gentle reminder that this Sunday is fathers day, so if you’re dad likes his winter sports and technology, then this may be the perfect gift.

    My only issue is with the gloves is that in the closed position, your fingers are grouped together into, mitt style. A lot of activities on the snow field require each finger to be pliable to grasp equipment. If you’re a snowboarder, clipping in for example would be near on impossible.


    The ISGLOVES cost A$70 and for more information, check out

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