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    Like most, I’ve been hanging out for the release of Little Big Planet since I first heard about the game. Little Big Planet is a platformer, containing scrolling levels of tasks and challenges, making it this generation’s Super Mario Brothers. A more 3 dimensional feel is achieved by the use of 3 depths and some creative camera angles.

    So how does the game live up to expectations ?

    Pretty friggin awesomely! Despite having server downtime on the day of release, Little Big Planet is gorgeously addictive, with your character – Sackboy, being just like your childhood teddy bear, you really hate to see him die. You’d better get over that real quick though, some levels are really tough and often take repeated attempts before discovering the correct method to complete.


    While the Sackboy costumes are now in the Playstation Store, they weren’t on launch day. I’m seriously puzzled how this and the server maintenance were sorted well before the delayed launch date. You had more than 2 weeks to get this right! Also paying $8 + for a virtual t-shirt is ridiculous.

    Whilst playing on your own is an enjoyable experience, the game really comes alive when you play online or co-op. Taking on challenges together is very rewarding and strangely some special optional areas of Story mode actually requires x2 players to reach and overcome.

    I’ve experienced a couple of issues with online play, but generally works well. Let’s hope they iron out the kinks so we can avoid the lag and drop outs.

    The graphics in LBP are fantastic, cartoony in nature rather than photo-realistic, they fit in well with the cute character and the non-blood / child-friendly mood of the game. If you wanna get picky, there’s some areas that could be improved, but you’ll hardly notice when ure trying to avoid your getting your ass singed by fire.

    A big plus about the game is that it’s controls are intuitive, this enables almost anyone to pick up a controller and start playing. I love that by turning on a 2nd controller a new Sackboy (or Sackperson) appears, turning that controller off, makes the disappear. The game gets increasingly challenging the further you play into it, some levels being agonizingly hard, usually results in you loosing all your lives and having 2 restart that level.

    Level creator / custom levels
    The mandatory tutorials before you can build anything are frustratingly annoying. If I want to jump in and try it out, while not being the most structured way of learning, I should be able to. Don’t make me sit through a tutorial, then do some meaningless task just to use a new component.

    Be aware level creation in LBP is not easy. And if you that trophy for having 50+ people play your level, then u need 2 build something decent. The good news is, there are plenty of interesting levels that LBP users have uploaded for you to play and get ideas from.

    This game is a massive win for the PS3 to have as an exclusive. A number of my friends have asked if it’s available on any other platforms, sadly it’s not. Is it good enough to run out and buy a PS3 for ? Probably not, but if u needed another reason to tip you over the edge, this is certainly a good reason.

    Little Big Planet is the sort of game that anyone can play, your girlfriend, you kids, your mother or father, anyone.

    I found stickers to be a complete waste of time. Collecting different materials and clothing enjoyable, there’s a pretty decent selection of customisations for your character. Strangely there seemed to be a disproportionate number of female clothing items, that said, I was a big fan of the Homey look, the suit, and the Ninja outfits.

    Whilst I’ve seriously enjoyed the time I’ve spent with Sackboy so far, I seriously question it’s replayability long term. Yes there’s infinite community-developed levels, but ultimately your doing the same thing over and over. There’s only so much problem solving one can do.

    I’d be surprised if many PS3 owners don’t end up with a copy of Little Big Planet, I’d certainly recommend it.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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