REVIEW: Withings ScanWatch2, loads of battery life, but limited features

    The Withings ScanWatch 2 is a hybrid smartwatch that straddles the line between a smartwatch and a comprehensive health tracker. It boasts a classic analog design (available in both 42 and 38mm sizes) with a small digital display integrated into the watch face, making it an attractive option for those seeking a sophisticated wearable that prioritizes health monitoring without sacrificing aesthetics.

    For those seeking a smartwatch that is an extension of their mobile phone, or perhaps even a solo device that could handle advanced notifications, replies, payments etc, then you may need to look elsewhere, with the list of functionalities an important one to pay attention to.


    The ScanWatch 2 is more than just a smartwatch; it’s a statement piece crafted for the modern individual. Its timeless elegance lies in the combination of a sleek stainless steel body, a scratch-resistant domed sapphire glass, and classic physical watch hands. Available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes, it caters to a variety of wrist sizes and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit.

    The ScanWatch 2 doesn’t stop at aesthetics, it seamlessly blends with the analog design, featuring a small, always-on e-paper screen that discreetly displays essential information like your heart rate, steps taken, and (select) notifications. This subtle integration ensures you stay informed without sacrificing the watch’s timeless appeal.

    For those who love to express their individuality, the ScanWatch 2 offers effortless customization. With quick-release watch pins, you can easily swap between the included silicone strap and any other 20mm strap that suits your style or occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a sporty look for the gym or a sophisticated touch for a night out, the ScanWatch 2 adapts to your every mood. The watch is available in Black, Pearl White, Sand and Blue backgrounds to the watch face and a long list of wristband options.

    All of the design is only important if you align with the functionality on offer here and for that we need to look at the Scanwatch 2 features.


    The ScanWatch 2 has a serious focus on personal health monitoring. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a powerhouse of sensors, ready to meticulously monitor your well-being.

    An ECG sensor stands guard, detecting potential irregularities in your heart rhythm, while an SpO2 sensor keeps a watchful eye on your blood oxygen levels. Continuous heart rate tracking, powered by PPG technology, paints a dynamic picture of your cardiovascular health, allowing you to stay informed and empowered.

    But the ScanWatch 2 doesn’t settle for simply collecting data. It delves deeper, delving into the mysteries of your sleep. By analyzing sleep stages, pinpointing sleep apnea, and assessing your night-time heart rate variability, it unveils the secrets of your slumber, leading you towards a path of restorative rest.

    I really appreciated that when you dive into the mobile app and review metrics like your heart rate, you can tap for more information to get context for the information, providing answers to questions like ‘what is the normal range for heart rate for a person of your age?’.

    Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a casual fitness enthusiast, the ScanWatch 2 becomes your training companion. Built-in GPS tracks your every stride, while automatic activity recognition eliminates the need for manual input. Choose from a variety of sports modes, each meticulously designed to provide insightful data and keep you motivated on your fitness journey.

    When it comes to battery life, that smaller, admitedly more limited display than a full smartwatch, is the difference between having to charge the device every night, compared to the ScanWatch 2 offering a remarkable 30-day battery life. This can be very liberating for people who can’t build the routine of recharging daily.

    The watch allows you to sync with your phone via Bluetooth to stay connected and informed on the go. The e-paper display shows notifications for calls, texts, and calendar events, ensuring you’re never out of the loop, even while enjoying extended adventures.

    Personally I found it limiting in terms of notifications from messaging across the landscape of apps we use daily. I love smart watches for their ability to integrate with a calendar and remind me where I’m supposed to be and when and anyone with a busy schedule will likely struggle with this.

    I do love the integration with Google Fit and Apple Health, however these are mandory for any health-related device in 2024, there’s no room for data silos.


    While the ScanWatch 2 shines in health and fitness tracking, its smartwatch capabilities come with some compromises. Compared to feature-packed smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, the ScanWatch 2 takes a minimalist approach.

    Missing the Multimedia Buzz
    Gone are the days of blasting tunes from your wrist or downloading new apps on the go. The ScanWatch 2 lacks music playback, an app store, and any form of third-party app compatibility. So, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that doubles as a mini entertainment hub, the ScanWatch 2 might not be the best fit.

    E-Paper Simplicity (or Limitations?)
    The small e-paper display, while discreet and battery-friendly, pales in comparison to vibrant colour touchscreens. Information is limited to essentials like heart rate, steps, and notifications, and interactivity is restricted to basic button presses. Forget swiping through menus or tapping through apps – the ScanWatch 2 prioritizes a classic watch experience with a modern health twist.

    Premium Price Tag
    All this focus on health and timeless design comes at a cost. The ScanWatch 2 falls on the pricier end of the hybrid smartwatch market. You’ll be paying a premium for the advanced health sensors, long battery life, and sleek aesthetics.

    Ultimately, the ScanWatch 2’s limitations boil down to a deliberate design choice. It sacrifices some of the bells and whistles of full-fledged smartwatches for a focus on health tracking, battery life, and a timeless aesthetic. Whether these trade-offs are worth it depends on your individual priorities. If you prioritize cutting-edge health monitoring and a classic watch feel, the ScanWatch 2 might be your perfect match. But if you crave a feature-rich smartwatch with all the bells and whistles, you might want to look elsewhere.

    Price & Availability

    The Withings ScanWatch 2 retails for A$479 in Australia. The Withings ScanWatch 2 is available for purchase from several online retailers in Australia, including:

    • JB Hi-Fi: AU$599 (42mm black) [Link]
    • Amazon Australia: AU$599 (38mm Rose Gold) [Link]


    The Withings ScanWatch 2 is a compelling choice for those who prioritize a stylish and sophisticated wearable with advanced health-tracking capabilities.

    The classic design, long battery life, and comprehensive health insights make it a standout option in the hybrid smartwatch market.

    However, the limited smartwatch functionality and higher price tag might deter some users.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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