RHD Tesla Model 3 spotted in the wild, months ahead of production

    Source: /Mr_Salty_Peanuts on Reddit

    This afternoon, the image above was posted on Reddit. This image shows a Model 3 driving on public roads. Notice which side the driver is on ? Yep, the right. There are no RHD Model 3’s right now, so it makes the photo, posted by user ‘Mr Salty Peanuts’ pretty interesting.

    A simple explanation would be that the image is horizontally flipped, however that breaks down quickly when you notice the 4×4 on the rear quarter panel, 2 lanes over. While our Aussie Rangers have the 4×4 label on some models, it looks like this one is actually from a 2009 Ford F-150 4×4 Platinum 4dr SuperCrew

    In terms of other reference points, it’s actually an annoyingly perfect image that obscures details we’d use to confirm if it’s fake. The wheels are blurred so there’s no tyre info we can use, zooming in on the screen reveals nothing, either due to the viewing angle or a grey reflection resulting from poor weather conditions. The raindrops on the reflected mirror, mean the number plates of the trailing car, also can’t be identified.

    The driver’s hands are conveniently lower than the door sill, so there’s no wedding ring to spot on the left ring finger.

    The car ahead looks to be something like a Subaru impreza which has an exhaust pipe on the left (may be dual), but the badge looks to be in the correct place. The wall and background elements are also fairly generic and didn’t return any additional information in a reverse Google image search.

    Tesla’s busy building Model 3’s for the left hand drive markets, which means right hand drive markets like Australia, are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

    On May 26th last year, Musk posted this reply that committed to the production of RHD in the middle of the year (2019).

    On March 21st, @TeslaGong followed up with Elon to check in on that timing for RHD. Musk replied with Australian builds starting in late May or June. As they’re going to initially be coming from the US factory, extra time will be taken for them to be shipped to Australia. Musk’s reference to Winter gives a decent window of June-August to work with.

    All of this makes the image above even more interesting as there should be no RHD models that are built in March 2019 and its especially early for one to be driving around out on public roads.

    The original poster actually suggests the photo was taken in on the i-280 highway in California and had dealer plates. Scary thing is, that means the OP took the photo while driving.

    This means the most likely explanation is that Tesla are already building and in the testing phase of the RHD development. It is surprising to see it months of even the latest Musk predictions.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


    1. It would be fair to assume that the Performance and Long Range models will be first here. Pity that the Mid Range has disappeared. I reckon that would have been to pricing sweet spot for Australia.

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