Review: Samsung’s Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner is the high-tech solution, fit for your home

    When you think of “Samsung” you probably think of high-end tech such as phones, televisions, and sound systems. Next, you might start thinking about ‘white goods’. And I deliberately put white goods in inverted commas, because most ‘white goods’ aren’t really white anymore.

    Take Samsung’s smart fridges with digital screens, and all those sleek brush metal washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers that are now on the market. But Samsung is now taking this home appliance game to the next level with a brand new vacuum cleaner. The Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum breaks all the conventions of a traditional vacuum cleaner.

    The sleek design, powerful motor, and interesting aesthetic set it apart from most other vacuum cleaners on the market. Not to mention the range of colours available to suit your home style. But how good is this vacuum cleaner really? Is it worth the price tag? Is it innovative enough to be cool and techy whilst also being functional? We got our hands on a unit to test it out and provide you with all the insights.

    An arsenal of options

    The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, is the insane number of attachments and parts. The box has enough parts to replace a car engine. Okay, not quite, but there are a lot of accessories and pieces to this vacuum cleaner. Some of the accessories come standard and some are available to purchase as additional items. Depending on the model you purchase, you’ll receive at least one brush, and there are loads to extras to buy too. Check out all the options at the Samsung online store.

    Samsung Bespoke Vacuum cleaner standard parts that come with all cleaners.

    Some of the tool options include a pet tool for cleaning up animal hair, a crevice tool for getting in and around small nooks, a combination tool for cleaning desks and other small places, and a flex tool for reaching up and around high places like curtains. I don’t have a pet so I wasn’t able to give this one a try but I tried out all the other options which you can read about below.

    Samsung Bespoke vacuum cleaner all parts. These will vary depending on the model you choose to purchase.

    The Samsung Bespoke Jet also has a cool accessory cradle for storing all these extra tools. The cradle allows for all the brushes to be stored, as well as the battery.

    The cradle will hold all accessories and includes an additional charging cable and extra battery to charge a spare while you clean.

    Out of the box

    As you’ve seen above there is a tonne of options and accessories depending on the model you purchase. Once you’ve figured out which tool to start with, put your vacuum cleaner together and away you go. I’d suggest starting with one of the standard brushes like I did. I also did have a lot of fun switching out various heads before choosing one that was right for my floor.

    The Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner is relatively easy to put together. It does require a little bit of assembly, but it’s very similar to other stick cleaners. Attached is the stem and a brush to the head power unit and you can start cleaning. When you’ve finished, the vacuum cleaner is placed on the charging stand. More on that below.

    When put together and placed on the stand, the vacuum cleaner looks fairly elegant (Image: Supplied)

    The vacuum cleaner comes with a little bit of power, so you’ll be able to use it straight out of the box. Once you put it together of course. However, it’s recommended to fully charge the stick before using it. This way you’ll get plenty of cleaning done and will be able to experience the full suction powers of the cleaner.

    Choose your brush

    I had fun changing out the various power heads and seeing what worked well on each surface.

    The Dual Jet Brush glided really nicely over all surfaces, including the carpet. The Slim Action brush gave the carpet a deep clean but required a little more grunt when using this head. Then there’s the Spray Spinning Sweeper which not only felt really awesome when it was running, it also does a great job at cleaning the floorboards. This brush spins in circles and adds water as it’s going to give the floors a nice shiny clean. The vacuum cleaner’s pole is also adjustable which meant I would extend it for my taller height – very much appreciated this!

    Plush head on the Bespoke Slim Brush.

    There are even smaller brushes for use around corners or vacuuming the car. It’s important for me to keep the car clean so having the option to take off the pole and put the small brush straight on the head is a big win for me. I had so much fun switching these out, playing around with what worked best and trying out all the different modes.

    Turn it into a mini vacuum cleaner by removing the extendable pole. This is great for cleaning on benches, desks, or cars.

    Battery and charging

    According to Samsung. The Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner should be able to run for around one hour. That should be plenty of time to clean a reasonably sized apartment or house. I found other vacuum cleaners that I tried weren’t capable of fully cleaning my three-bedroom apartment. I would have to clean it in three separate blocks and wait a few hours to charge the cleaner each time. Luckily with the Samsung Bespoke Jet I don’t have to do this. An hour is plenty of time to clean my entire apartment. It then takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the machine.

    Charging on the stand. The digital screen tells you how much charge there is currently in the battery. The light top is orange meaning low battery. It will cycle through from red to orange, to yellow, and eventually to green when it’s fully charged.

    Samsung provides an extra battery as an optional upgrade, meaning you can have one battery charged and ready to go, and the other inside the vacuum cleaner. This gives you a total of two hours of cleaning time before you’ll have to wait for a battery to charge. This is definitely a nice option for those larger houses.

    Cleaning power

    The first thing you’ll notice is the vacuum cleaner is wireless. Okay, it HAS to be wireless. Vacuum cleaners that aren’t wireless these days are a complete deal-breaker. No one wants to have to search the house for a spare power cord just to clean the house. Often wireless vacuum cleaners are super low on power or they only last a few minutes. But not the Samsung Bespoke Jet. Yes, it will last an hour on battery at the lowest power setting, but if you crank it up to full blast, you’ll still get a good ten minutes of super high power.

    There was only about 40% power when I turned it to “Jet” mode and it still gives me four minutes and sixteen seconds.

    This is beyond what I’ve experienced with most other vacuum cleaners. And it actually works! In a few minutes I had the kitchen and my bedroom super clean. There was visibly a lot less particles on the floor and even the carpet looked a darker, cleaner colour.

    There are four main modes on the Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner. Minimum, Mid, Max, and Jet. On minimum mode the vacuum cleaner with last the full hour. What’s really cool about these modes is that there’s a timer on the digital screen that tells you how battery life in minutes that you have left on that mode. This is very useful when planning your cleaning or deciding which mode to use.

    Charging station and storage

    One the coolest thing about the vacuum cleaner is not just the fact that it cleans, but also the fact that IT is cleaned. Once you’ve finished cleaning the floor, table, car, whatever you choose, place the vacuum cleaner into the charging stand and press “start”. The stand will suction out all of the dirt and particles from the container leaving it super clean.

    Cleaning the cleaner.

    Next, is all the parts of the vacuum cleaner you can clean in addition to the stand. The charging stand will do a good job of getting the canister cleaned, but you can go one further. There’s a bag inside the charging stem that should be regularly replaced, just like a normal vacuum cleaner bag.

    This is just like a normal vacuum cleaner bag and it will need to replaced very so often.

    Then there are four different filters in various places that can be taken out and washed in the sink. This keeps the vacuum cleaner even cleaner and helps to reduce allergens and dust. Removing and placing these parts back was all very intuitive. Once I read this was a possibility, I no longer needed the instruction manual to figure out how to remove and put them back in the correct place.

    The top head with all the filters separated.

    Then there’s the Bespoke Jet vacuum’s many brush heads. I’ve always found it a problem to keep the heads cleaned. They get stuck with heaps of hair and other long strands like cotton or string. The Samsung’s brush heads have removable parts so you can easily clip out the hair without trying it work your way into the vacuum cleaner head. This was especially one of my favourite things, given I had picked up so much hair after even ten minutes of cleaning!

    Remove the brush from the inside of the head and it’s super easy to clean.

    Samsung has made it super easy to store the vacuum cleaning in the charging station. On top of this are the accessories cradle and optional cradle upgrade. Using the stand and the cradle means you can store your entire kit in two pieces. You’ll still need some decent room and I’m still figuring out where to put mine in my small apartment.

    Price and colour options

    Samsung is one of those tech companies that like to give personality to their products. You only need to look at the new Samsung Flip phone and see their bold and varied colour options to know they care about style. The Bespoke Jet is no exception. Rather than a choice between black or white – standard colours for a vacuum cleaner – customers can choose Misty White, Woody Green, or Midnight Blue. The colours are subtle yet beautiful fit the sleek techy style of Samsung’s brand. Plus you shouldn’t have a problem finding a colour that suits your home.

    Misty White, Woody Green, and Midnight Blue. What’s your choice? (Image: Supplied)

    If you like the idea of the Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, then you’ll want to make sure you have some extra dollars to splash. The Bespoke Jet cleaner comes in a variety of options. Starting at $1,099.00 and going up to $1,399.00 AUD. If you want the base package with a couple of brushed then you can opt for the $1,099.00 model. Or go for the Elite model and have all the extras.

    This does sound a little more expensive than most other cleaners out there and it is. But you need to remember, this vacuum cleaner comes with two batteries – which are not cheap, especially in the current climate, as well as plenty of accessories, and the technology to provide a deeper clean. They say time is money and you should certainly save some time with the Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner.

    The Samsung Bespoke Jet cleaner does look very cool, for a vacuum cleaner!

    Whilst this vacuum cleaner is super incredible, I think it’s a little bit of overkill in my 100 square meter apartment. Yes it does an epic job cleaning and I’m loving how it traps and filters out all the allergens. In a small apartment though it’s hard to find the storage space for it. Not to mention I already have a cleaner who comes in regularly.

    But regardless of the fact I had to rearrange my laundry cupboard and find extra space in my blanket cupboard for all the accessories, this is a super fun vacuum cleaner which makes cleaning enjoyable, and still gives me the sense that I’m living in a futuristic world with a cleaner that is more powerful than my childhood computer.


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    This vacuum cleaner is super incredible, I think it’s a little bit of overkill in my 100 square meter apartmentReview: Samsung's Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner is the high-tech solution, fit for your home