Samsung recalls all Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia


    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead. This afternoon Samsung Electronics Australia has announced it is taking the proactive and voluntary step to extend its current recall to all Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia, including those that were provided as replacement Galaxy Note7 devices. This follows on from numerous reports around the globe that a significant number of even replacement devices were still causing fires.

    Samsung Australia has made this decision as a precautionary measure following an announcement by Samsung Electronics advising that it had stopped production of Galaxy Note7 smartphones for the benefit of consumer safety. Customers in Australia who have a Galaxy Note7, both an original device purchased before 5 September 2016 or a new replacement Galaxy Note 7 device, should power down their phone and contact their original place of purchase.

    Samsung Australia is working with its operator and retail partners to ensure all customers can receive an exchange – including a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge – or full refund for their Galaxy Note7. Before returning their Galaxy Note7, customers should back-up their data, complete a factory reset to delete personal information and power down their device. I’d suggest being eyes-on with your phone during this time and know where the closest fire extinguisher is, just in case.

    This is not a drill people, this is one of those horror stories where an entire R&D, QA and even review cycle happened without the fault being discovered until it was in consumer’s hands. When it did explode, catch fire or emit potentially harmful smoke, these devices were in cars, homes and even planes. While the issue certainly didn’t effect every Note7, there’s simply no way to tell if yours is next, so Samsung are doing the right thing by ending the Note 7. Regardless of how good the device is, I can not make this point strongly enough, get rid of it, this is a ticking time bomb.

    The GearVR is compatible with the Note 7 and in an effort to ensure recalcentrants don’t try to continue using it, Samsung have also disable the device. This is pretty sensible given the one place worse to have an exploding phone than your pocket, is probably your face. When the issue began there was an update that prevented original Note7’s from receiving a full charge, which they hoped would encourage uptake of the replacements. Scarily enough, there’s already crazy reports of people determined to keep their Note 7 and to prevent those people endangering themselves, and others, I think Samsung should give a date where they push an OTA update that bricks the device.


    Samsung Electronics Australia, Vice President IT & Mobile, Richard Fink said,

    “The safety of our customers is our first priority, which is why we are taking this further step and extending the current recall to all Galaxy Note7 devices, including replacement Galaxy Note7 devices. We know our Galaxy Note customers are among our most loyal customers and we sincerely apologise to them.”

    Galaxy Note7 smartphone owners should visit the place of purchase of their device or call Samsung Customer Service on 1300 362 603 or visit

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