Scoble’s first startup interview using Google Glass


    Internet celebrity Robert Scoble was amongst the first people in the world to get Google Glass. Scoble’s job with Rackspace means that he’s constantly interviewing the latest startups and discusses their new products and services. His video interviews are normally done using DSLR cameras, but there’s something special about the latest one.

    Scoble’s interview with the founder and CEO of Desti was completely done using Google Glass. It certainly provides a very different point of view than the normal tripod mounted cameras. One of the first thing you’ll notice is the stability of the video is really dependant on how excited Scoble gets with his head movements.

    When looking down at the demo device (iPad), Glass actually worked really well to allow the viewer feel like they were there in the room and using the product. With Scoble’s hands free, he was able to interact with the Desti while recording.

    One of the biggest downsides of using the Google Glass is the audio quality. While the 720p video quality is seriously impressive from such tiny optics, the audio sounds very roomy and remember they are in a quiet, sound controlled room.

    The handshake at the end of the interview was another pretty special moment, something we don’t normally get to whiteness from that point of view angle. Overall the first Glass interview from Scoble was an eye opening one, an experiment that I’d have to say worked pretty bloody well.

    There’s definitely some room for some optical image stabilisation in glass and audio quality, but for a 1.0 device, it’s an impressive result.

    You can watch the video on Robert Scoble’s G+ page, but annoyingly isn’t embeddable.  

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