Shopping Square selling Galaxy S III for $739.95

    For the next 1 day and 4 hours, you can pick up yourself a brand new unlocked Galaxy S III for just A739.95. That’s right the hottest Android phone this week, is available at the cheapest price yet. When first announced the Galaxy S III had an RRP of $899 outright for the 16GB model, but Allphones quickly made the best street price A$798.

    If you hesitated yesterday, don’t today, there’s only 28 hours left on this deal. There is a catch however, if you’re so in love with the phone that you want it the day after release, then you’ll likely want it in your hand as soon as possible. Unfortunately this deal means you’ll be waiting a couple of weeks before you get it in your grubby little mits.

    Item will be dispatched within 2 weeks after payment confirmation.

    The final caveat is that this is only available in blue right now, but if you can live with those constraints, then this is the best outright price we’ve seen for the Galaxy S III, so get on it. Paying the cost of the device over 24 months on a plan is often the best value when purchasing a new phone, but plans aren’t for everyone.

    Check out the deal now at Shopping Square.

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