Siri gets more proactive, and a lot more colourful in iOS9


    In iOS9, Siri is getting smarter.. lots smarter. Siri will become a blend of Cortana and Google Now and also received big cheers for being released to developers as an API. This means iOS9 apps will be able to leverage the power of voice commands to get common tasks done faster.

    As you can see from the image, iOS9 is getting a big visual refresh, with some very different colours, modern circular icons and a new search screen. Apple says Siri will now be more proactive and help you get to the information you need faster.

    Siri will also be faster to recognise your voice command and execute that command. If the on-stage demo is reflected in real-life performance, it’s as fast as Google Now.

    Google recently showed of a context-sensitive Now on-tap and Apple are responding with the upgraded Siri. One of the best parts of the demo was the command to pull up photos of X from X date and a couple of seconds late, an updated photos app was displayed with the filtered set of photos.

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