Skate demo review – updated

    Just finished downloading the demo and have spent about 5 minutes with it. It appears to be a completely different controller scheme than Tony Hawk, something I’ve played a fair bit of and had become very used to the controls.

    Now skate gets you to learn a completely new way of controlling your skater. Using the right thumbstick to pull back, then flick upwards to crouch down, lift up and perform an ollie.

    The demo begins with a tutorial of how-to-perform the standard maneuvers. The graphics are what we’ve come to expect form the 360 now.

    Despite having 2 relearn the controls I think they’re actually a fair bit more intuitive and intelligent than simply mashing to combos in Tony Hawk. I really think if this is the 1st skating game you play, you’ll be able to jump into this game easily. 

    More on this later in the week after I’ve spent a bit more time with the demo.

    Download it and check it out. 


    After spending some time with Skate my opinion has changed somewhat. I’ve now become very, very aware at the incredible loading time for the game. And once you get to the ‘Press Start’ screen, your not entering the game as expected, rather forced to endure even more loading time.

    The demo is somewhat limited in that almost the entire demo is dedicated to you re-learning the controller scheme through tutorials. Once you do get to challenges it’s very much like Tony Hawk, skate around find a person, click the button do the challenge.

    This would be fine if this was the first time gamers had seen this. But it’s not, far from it. EA didn’t have 2 make a good game, if they wanted to truly compete with the massive Tony Hawk franchise, then they needed to make a FANTASTIC game. Unfortunately the demo at least, falls short.

    One more thing… A timed demo..!!! really EA.. timed ? I can’t think of positive reason why a company would release a demo which should be a great promotional tool for the final product, you’d want users to play as much of the game as possible. Even if it’s simply an open environment for them 2 skate in.

    Overall good game, probably not 1 on my to buy list.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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