Sonos Controller app updates coming next week

    Sonos controller update March 2012

    The multi-room audio system Sonos have just announced an update coming for their controller software. Apparently the developers over at Sonos have been working hard with updated desktop apps for Windows and OSX.

    The updated controller apps will ship next week, but you can see a preview of the changes in the video below. As a Sonos owner, I welcome the update as the current desktop software can be frustratingly slow at times.

    The new update will include:

    • Mini Controller to control the music while working in other apps
    • Search across all music sources from a single search box. Quickly find artists, albums, songs and stations from a music library, Internet radio and music services.
    • Simple drag & drop interface now lets customers add one or multiple songs to their queue, room or group of rooms for instant music gratification
    • One touch Party Mode volume control makes it easy to raise or lower the volume in all grouped rooms simultaneously
    • New design and functionality provide greater consistency with other Sonos Controller apps

    Commenters on the associated blog post were quick to ask about the availability of a Windows Phone application. Sonos replied with the generic “Nothing to announce at this time… , we know that Windows Phone is an oft requested app, so rest assured it’s on our radar.”

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