SunPower P19s may be the best looking solar panels on the market

    More than 2 million Australian homes and businesses have Solar panels on their roof, but many of them have terrible aesthetics.

    Often we option up residential and commercial builds to increase the visual appeal of the place and the last thing you want is to detract from that when you add solar. This means the choice of panels is a decision that isn’t entirely about cost or efficiency, how they look can be equally important.

    This solar installation was recently shared by Albury Wodonga-based Kdec Electrical and Solar who add the SunPower P19 All Black 320w solar panels to the top of a caravan shelter.

    These monocrystalline panels are black in appearance, which already is a massive improvement on most, but it’s the minimal, almost non-existent frame between the panels that is the big difference.

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    Typically the frames around panels are bulky and there’s even gaps between each panel, making the overall footprint of the solar installation larger than it needs to be (and likely heavier).

    These SunPower P19 All Black 320w panels use aerospace-grade conductors, to maximise energy flow. With each panel requiring less frame to support the panel, more surface area can be used to collect power from the sun. This means the panels not only look great, but they perform well too. Sunpower claims that difference can be as much as 32% over 25 years.

    Forget waiting for the long-delayed Tesla Solar Roof, this borderless solar panel design is available today.

    You can read the full datasheet at Sunpower.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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