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    Starlink Mini to ‘change the world’, will cost half as much and offer up to 100Mbps

    Today, X user Oleg Kutkov uncovered a new product called Starlink Mini. In the post he shared 3 images, 2 of different angles of the hardware, along with a third that features a small circuit board with a model number and FCC ID. Having broke the news,@elonmusk confirmed it was indeed real, replying with a series of posts to share more details. What is Starlink Mini? Starlink...

    I just bought a Heat Pump Dryer, the future of efficient laundry

    This weekend I bought a new LG 9KG Heat Pump Dryer (DVH909B). Washing and ultimately drying clothes is chore that not many of us enjoy, but regardless of how boring a process is, no new appliance in our home escapes an evaluation phase where we consider what the latest technology is before making a purchase. I'm someone who loves technology and efficiency, so...

    Skype Bots available in latest Windows 10 Build

    Back in March, Microsoft announced they were bringing bots to Skype, in the latest Windows Insider built of Windows 10, they're delivering. Bots are designed...