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Apple iOS 15 features big upgrades to Facetime, Notifications, Maps, Safari and more.

Apple's latest iOS update is coming.. here's what's new.

Melbourne-based Up, launch banking API to let devs build financial apps

Banks are traditionally locked boxes and while many have fairly decent mobile apps these days, there's a lot more innovation that could take place in the financial world if banks opened up APIs (securely...

Daniel Riccardo is learning Machine Learning with Amazon’s DeepRacer

Formula 1 Aussie legend Daniel Ricciardo is spending his time off the F1 grid by learning about AI as part of Amazon's DeepRacer League. During May, developers from around the world can test their...

Making Python easy: Best tricks to help beginners grow into full-scale experts

Whether you're planning on teaching yourself Machine Learning or developing something on the new RaspberriPi 4, chances are you'll encounter the programming language, Python. Often installing development environments requires updating the frameworks installed on your...